moon is the home

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moon is the home

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Dew from the white tonight, the moon is the hometown of Ming." Each of us has a hometown. Everyone has a moon in their hometown. Everyone loves the moon of their hometown. Since ancient times, people have placed many beautiful feelings on the moon. Between Lang Lang and Qiang Kun, a round of bright moon is enough to evoke our full of homesickness complex. In ancient Chinese poetry, the description of the moon is also innumerable. The most representative one is Li Bai��s "Heads to look at the moon, bow down to his hometown." "And there are such things as "the sea is shining in the moon, the end of the earth is at this time", "the desert is like snow, the Yanshan month is like a hook", etc., and the landscape between the mountains and the sea is a kind of homesick feelings of the moon and the moon. Homesickness is a feeling of nostalgia that we can't erase Newport Cigarettes Coupons. My hometown is a small mountain village in southern Hunan. It is surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. I have lived for nine years. In the small river of memory, my hometown left me a childhood. The most beautiful memories of the time. In that year, although life was relatively bitter, but there was infinite happiness in the bitterness, the innocent childhood time brought me the unforgettable joy and joy of eternal life. I know the moon and call it a white jade plate. I remember that the most happy time when I was young was the night with the moon. Because there are moons, children can sing and dance in the moonlight Cigarettes Online, and adults who are tired for a day will be there. At your doorstep, you can rest in the cold, speak the vernacular, you can see, the quiet mountain village, the silver plate like a bright moon hanging high in the mountains, a group of cheerful children, enjoying the songs and dances under the bright moon, the tender song Resounding over the mountain village, adding a lot of joy to the quiet mountain village, and the sugar cane forest in front of the house is a happy place for children to enjoy, hiding in it, listening to the wind blowing the rustling of the leaves Marlboro Red, smelling The sweet sugar cane, the shadows, the wind and the leaves, the tension and excitement, the thirst for waiting in the hidden waiting, the screaming in the hope of finding, the moon is the hometown of a beautiful fairy tale world under the moonlight, not only The laughter and laughter that I had when I was a child also shined in the many villages where I traveled around my hometown. At that time, watching the movie had to go very far on the mountain road, and the night of the moon made us no longer. Lonely loneliness and darkness on the road, some just accompanied by light and warmth, walking in the moonlight, we sang the joyful melody of "the moon walks me away", crossed the bridges and waters, and crossed the road. Hawthorn, let me now really feel the kind of "Mingyue Songsong, the clear spring stone" at that time, and let the "Huang Jiguang", "Qiu Shaoyun", "Plain Guerrilla"... walked into my young In my heart, when I was ten years old, I left my hometown and came to a strange city. The bustling city of the city is better than the quiet mountain village. The busy and fast pace of life has made me innocent to recall the mountains and rivers of my hometown, but every time. On the night when the moon star is thin or the moon is empty, I look up at the bright moon in the starry sky. I feel that the ordinary little moon on the hills of my hometown is the most complete and brightest in my heart. In the homesickness of the moon, there are memories, nostalgia, and embarrassment. There are still some regrets filled with hearts, in the bitter memories of a sweet and warm riverside, who first saw the moon? Jiang Yuehe at the beginning of the year? Flowing and passing away, time Again, dear homeland, when will I see you bright face, standing Xiangjiang River, I look up at the sky, flying heart hometown.
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