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pecial scent

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Whenever I think of home, I will think of Xiaocun, the hometown that once gave birth to me. My hometown village is a beautiful scenery, fresh air, mountains, and fields. There are many kinds of fruit trees. Spring and slow mountains are full of flowers. Those faint flowers are floating across the fields, drifting through the village, and drifting into the fathers and villages. Heart field. On summer nights, I often sit next to the willow trees in front of the house, looking at the disc-shaped moon in the sky, listening to the cheerful flowing water under the willow, and the humming sounds, ah, the beautiful night, At this moment, I think a lot of autumn villages, it is fruitful, the small courtyard of every household is the harvest of Huang Dengdeng, the busyness of men, women and children is not open, but the joy of harvest brings the people of Xiaocun into happiness. Sweet, peaceful life.
In the winter village, it is like a painting, a slow-sky snowflake, floating in a small village, a small village dressing up, a soft, elegant, autumn, autumn day, with three or five friends to accompany a friend and family to play Here, it is more than 30 kilometers away from the urban area of ??Hengyang. The quiet villages and the smoky smoke make us feel the atmosphere of a country, a natural beauty and harmonious poetry cloud: spring seedlings In the autumn, the harvest is 10 Newport Cigarettes,000. Autumn is the season of harvest. The autumn mountain villages are really fruity and fruity. After a year of hard work, the industrious mountain villagers dressed the mountains and the colorful and poetic. Our group of people walked along the path to their relatives and friends, and just entered the side of the yard, a strong aroma came out, and it was refreshing. It turned out to be two verdant tall osmanthus trees, with special scent and flowers full of trees waving in the breeze, as if welcoming us. Looking up again, we are even more excited. I saw that the tall and short orange trees and grapefruit trees have been bent over the waist Wholesale Cigarettes. The trees are full of fruit, orange red pomelo, red like fire, yellow like gold, fragrant and attractive. All of them are rumored to be drunk, and they are picked up and tasted, all sweet and sour. Looking around again, behind the house, there are beautiful views of the fruit trees everywhere. A cluster of green bamboo surrounds the house, creaking in the autumn wind, the wild chrysanthemums everywhere are open, a small stream from the front of the house Under the bridge, there is a quiet picture, a beautiful picture of a small bridge flowing water. A kind of long-lost pastoral atmosphere makes us seem to return to nature. I think that Tao Yuanming��s "Under the Chrysanthemum, and seeing Nanshan leisurely" is just the realm. "Since the ancient times, the autumn is sorrowful, I say the autumn wins the spring." Autumn is the season of harvest. Although the autumn breeze always gives people a sense of desolateness, the return of Chunhua Qiu Shi is not memorable and gratifying. After a year of hard work, we will always have more or less the joy of success, even if it is only a little success and gain, we will feel happy. Because we have all worked hard, we have struggled, and even if we have no success, we have no regrets. Heavenly rewards, no matter what kind of occupation we are in Cigarettes For Sale, where we are, as long as we do our best, be aggressive, never give up, we will end up harvesting a beautiful and splendid autumn on our path of life.

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